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We Specialize In Loans Against Securities For Large And Small Cap Stocks.

We are a successful stock backed loans agency. We specialize in loan against securities for large and small cap stocks. In the last 10 years, we have established an empire across the globe. With our expansion, we have gained more accessibility to masses who are in need of stock backed loans and other creative financing solutions.
A decade of experience has taught us many things. Our success can be accounted to some of our beliefs, along with professional discipline honed over time.

Respect For Clients

Our profession thrives on respect. We make it a point to treat our clients with consideration and integrity. Throughout the loan process and until its closing, regard and respectfulness are assured.

Global Network

From America to Asia, we have offices located around the world. So no matter where you live, we can assist you financially as and when required. Just reach out to us and we’ll be at your service.

Direct Lenders Only

We have a strict policy of working with direct lenders. This is mostly for your benefit as you will receive fast transactions and complete privacy. So get started by filling out the “Get A Quote” form!

Unparalleled Financing Solutions

We offer a wide range of financial solutions. Our industry has a variety of stock loans and securities backed financing solutions. Choose from our creative solutions and you’ll surely find one that you like!

The Best Results

We guarantee an effective and comprehensive stock loan transaction for you or your business. We present the best terms possible that may appeal to you. Your comfort is our success.

Testimonials Speak Our Truth

We have closed numerous deals in the last decade with a great number of satisfied customers without fail. Their words of praise and testimonials for our services have made us stand out in the marketplace.


United States

Waqar Abro

Waqar Abro is an entrepreneur and securities lending expert. He has been working in the financial industry for the past 10 years and has successfully closed more than 40 deals on his own. He is the Founder of SBL and is in-charge of all technical things related to SBL besides closing deals. He also founded Swash Enterprises, a famous and leading IT enabled Services Company. He is a proud founder of a couple of other E-commerce ventures as well, and has expanded his business across the globe. He is also a High Ticket Closer and a professional business developer.

Europe & UK

Jamie Davies

Mr Jamie Davies is based in Cotswolds United Kingdom and has been closely working with SBL as one of the seniors securities lending experts. After graduating from Oxford & travelling the World, he embarked on a career in Financial Services, working for a number of banks in the City of London. He has in-depth knowledge of stock loans and has years of Banking exposure. He is professionally a financial expert and representing SBL in UK and Europe. He has closed several deals and dealing with different SBL clients globally. Most of the Europe and United Kingdom publicly listed companies are solicited curtailed financial deals by him. 

Middle East

Mohd Abdel Rehman

Mr Muhammad Abdel Rehman is a seasoned Financial expert from Jordon stationed at Egypt. He has been working in the financial industry for the past 28 years and has successfully closed many insurance and financing deals. He has years of exposure in insurance industry, international trade, financing, lending, and networking with high value clients. He represents SBL in the Middle East region and has been engaged with numerous publicly listed companies to help them achieve their financing and capital related goals. His association with SBL and other affiliates is quite successful and worth mentioning.


Mr. Bui Van Cuong

Mr. Bui Van Cuong is a part-time financial advisor from Vietnam. During the past 10 years, he has been delivering valued clients best advises on investments, M&A deals and raising capital/loans. Raising stock-backed loan to listed company in Real estate, manufacturing industry. Review financial model/business plans and advises on M&A, Loan structures with client operating in agriculture, real estates. He represents SBL in Vietnam and has been engaged with listed companies to help them achieve their financing and capital related goals.



Mr Novendry is a financial and banking expert from Indonesia. He has been working closely with stockbrokers and other publicly listed companies in Indonesia and Malaysia. He has been in the financial industry for more than 25 years and worked on senior positions in the country. His securities lending and block trade selling experience make him exceptional in the region. He is a very dedicated professional involved in international trade with Chinese companies and has successfully closed numerous deals. His network is not limited to Indonesia, he is also working with clients based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Stock Backed Loan

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We Treat Our Clients With Respect

All our clients are respected. We treat them with integrity throughout the entire loaning and closing process.

Our Team Comprises Of Specialists

The SBL team has more than 30 years of lending experience and consists of specialists in the field.

We Bring The Top Lending Solutions

We offer you our most creative, top lending and finance solutions. If your stocks are traded publicly, we can help.

Behind Stock Backed Loans

Stock Backed Loans is a private lending firm with offices located around the world. We specialize in loans against securities for large and small cap stocks.

We have close, personal relationships with the largest and most financially secure lenders in the world.

We are the leader is stock loans and our results show this.

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